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Neighborhood Sandbox

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This app was created and designed to help me and my colleagues with time management. In my current market of competitors (comps), I must call them each week to get updated market survey information. They too must call their comps each week, asking for the same information. Over the past year several of the managers have tried on our own to come up with ideas to streamline this process. For example: an excel file that could be used on a google shared drive, etc. However, it just never seemed to work out the way we planned. Once my husband started writing code and looking for an idea for an app to create, he knew right away he wanted to do something to help my industry. I pitched the idea to my market managers at a luncheon we were having and they all agreed they would love an online forum for them to log into each week, put in their information and receive their comps information in return. This app is a work in progress and is initially set up based on the needs of our group in the South Carolina market. Please use the contact us section to give feedback and suggestions. We want to hear from you on how we can save you time and energy and make reporting and receiving information better for all.

We hope this app save you and your properties lots of time. We would love to hear what you think of this app. Let us know either way by clicking on the contact us button on the bottom of the page.

Coming Soon


  • Filters so you can go back in time and visit the numbers of ole. Because the app is so new there really is nothing to filter yet.

District Manager's / Owner's Pages.

  • Managers and Owners can look at there properties numbers and there properties competitors numbers just by signing in.

Property Forum

  • You can share ideas between your properties or ask a question someone is bound to have just the anwser your looking for.